Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lucky much?

Okay, how could I have forgotten this. It's a story. A story that I could tell to my children and my children's children and their children's children's children. Well, not really. But it's a story nonetheless.

It all began on a mundane Tuesday morning, when all seemed well. After lunch, I headed towards the lecture theater, deciding to take a detour off to the restroom before attending class, since Peggy was heading there as well.

All was well.

Until my handphone dropped into the toilet.

It dropped with a few hollow clangs, each one reverberating along with the pain in my heart as I yelled "Oh my God!" to the whole world (actually just the whole female toilet), disappearing into the disgusting depths, never to be seen again.

I wasn't making a call. I wasn't even texting or... whatever you can do with your phone in the toilet. That's just so unhygenic. I left it in my pocket and it fell out. Just like that. Straight down and bye bye.

That was it: my barely six month old phone was lost in the stinky bowels of the university sewage system.

On a side note, I wouldn't have known whether to laugh or cry if the toilet started singing "Run" by Leona Lewis.

Anyway I've gotten a new phone, courtesy of my mum who didn't nag me too much about losing the almost-new phone.

Ta-da. The new phone.

And I'm gonna probably spend some time next week choreographing a dance with my partner in which I'm the guy for an upcoming dinner and dance thingy we're having. Who says life isn't interesting? =)

Lack of updates, meh?

It took me about three tries to get my username and password right... but here I am! At least it's the internet, not the ATM machine. I would've gotten my card chewed up already.

And... it's kinda sad to say that I can't seem to think of anything interesting to blog about even though my last post was ages ago. Everything's been pretty routine and busy at the same time. Wake up, go to lectures, hang around with my friends, go home, do some work/stuff/whatever I feel like doing at that time, sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat. I guess some outings, dance class and church would be how I fill my weekends. What is life? Workload may be annoying at times, but still, I think life's treating my fairly well at the moment.

Oh yes, I've been facebooking a lot recently. A lot comparatively to last year whereby I log in to receive an event invitation that passed a month ago. Yes, I was that bad. But now I have joined the social network that the whole world's addicted to! Besides, it's also a useful tool for stalking... mean, keeping in touch with what's going on with my friends. It's also a source for a lot of casual games to waste your time with... which is sort of evil even though I still seem to be going back to it again and again. Facebook is teh ebil.

Current goals:
1. To not get any fatter than I am now
2. To learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and improve my graphic designing skills
3. To maintain my grades
4. To try to not let myself down as well as other people

And thus this concludes my pictureless update.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Introverted? Soda!

I like to have a little time to myself... which is why I aptly named this blog "sitting in a teacup" I guess. Sitting in the cup and looking up to the world, thinking and reminiscing.

I've been tired for the past week. I realised that "tired" has been popping up in my blog a lot, haha. But seriously I'm the kind of person who needs 9 hours of sleep a day to function properly. I like going out once in a while, and I'm seriously spoiling for some proper shopping soon. Yet, I like being kind of free yet scheduled. Planned, not so spontaneous. Makes me feel secure and content, in that sense. God knows how many of my friends have made me from the rigid, pissed-off, omg-I-must-follow-my-schedule-to-the-second into a middle ground of kind of planning but if it doesn't go it's ok person. And I really thank them for that. Don't know what I'll do without you. But then again I guess I can't really cross over to the 99% spontaneous side because that's just not in me.

I'd like some time to read some really interesting books. Haven't gotten around to reading anything that's not fiction crime related or cheap with Popular's discount card. Something like kite runner and life of pi or stuff like that. It's been a while. And God only knows why I need my weekend shooting zombie sessions to destress, haha. Assignments, dance practice (oh, let it be april 9th please soon), reading, socialising... loads of fun, but it drains me out totally as well. I guess this makes me an introvert. Born an introvert, is and introvert, always will be an introvert.

For some very very weird reason I've been craving soda. I don't really go for soda usually, maybe once in a while... And even if I crave something cold it's usually non-carbonated.


Life is like a can of soda, you never know when it's gonna fizz over.
Life is like soda, it's sweet... except when it goes up your nose.
The good things in life are like soda, it's sweet, but man, can it seriously fuck you up.

And yes, I made those up. Must be the lacking of sugar. Or yay I can get a sugar-high without sugar? xD

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hah! Am i updating?

It's been a while since the last post.

Yes, I vaguely remember still having a blog that requires updating.

The holidays were long. Long enough for me to settle into one of those vegatative states that you really don't want to bring yourself out of and drag your sorry ass back to actually doing things. Being back has been quite a whirlwind of activities for me, what with socialising and dancing and uni and socialising more. I'm happy to be around people and having fun, just that I seem to be in a perpetually sleepy state for the past week doesn't help a lot. Blame it on the oversleeping during the holidays zzzzz...

I like dancing. I love my great friends who happen to be in dancing as well. I need to work on my dancing. I've always wished that I had better motor skills... ever since I was young I think. That was random, I know but just because it's been on my mind for the past few days, so I thought I'll just... write it down.

Anyway CNY's come and gone, Valentine's come and gone, and here we all are in March 2009. That was fast. I'm starting to feel old. And that got me thinking about the phases of life. You don't really think about working for your living and earning your own money much when you were in high school, at least, not me. Somehow when you reach that certain age then thoughts of your future start flooding in, and the best/worst part is you're seeing it happen - people going out to work, looking for jobs, prepping you for interviews and communicating skills, having steady relationships, marrying, getting cars and houses... It's just natural, isn't it? I mean about what we do. What everyone does. We just follow what "life" is: getting education, graduating, working, having a family, etc. Or is it just a trend of survival?

Or is it just as simple as "going with the flow"?

Whichever it is, I'm thankful to be where I am right now. I know it sounds cheesy, but I guess life is a journey. It's not really about when you are getting there or what we're going to do when we do "get there" and whether there even is a "there" for you to get to... it's about just getting there.

And I think maybe some of us, but definitely me, needs to remember to enjoy the view while it lasts because you can't really see the very same thing ever again along the journey.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm back? For the moment at least.

Since someone kindly pointed out to me that I was letting the blog die a slow deteriorating death, I decided to give it a little breath of life. I was quite enthusiatic about blogging about my Egypt trip actually, planning out two posts: one being a guideline of the actual trip and the other being my thoughts about the trip. I even saved it in a file called "blogegpyt.docx". Seriously.

Then I got lazy.

The day when I got back from Egpyt, I gave myself a bit of slack - I mean, I just arrived, sleep-deprived in some stinky clothes I wore and sweated in and just recovering from "mummy's tummy" which I gratitously picked up while there. It was either the cheese or the salad veggies, methinks. Ah well. Anyway, first day... no, first two days, actually, I ended up sleeping most of the time. Then it was dance class and going out with friends and spending money on fattening dinners and getting home around midnight.

Okay, so why didn't I bother updating when I got back to Sabah then?

I totally blame it on the games. Not the casual puzzle games that you can finish in a few hours, but those long-winded RPGs and First Person Shooters that I can't get around to playing during non-holidays because this is what happens:

-On holiday-

Me: Oh yay, crisis core is a really great game! ( few hours non-stop gaming)

-Semester starts-

Me: I feel like playing, but I have to finish this crap assignment, or sleep... sleeping sounds nice.


Me: Let's play! Oh crap forgot to charge it.


Me: Let's play!

(An hour later)

Me: Why am I where I started? What the hell am I supposed to do now again? Crap, I forgot everything. (Gets fed up and sleeps)

Me: Okay, I'm free-ish tonight, lemme play some.

(An hour later, looks at the clock)

Me: What?! I just beat a tinsy-winsy little boss! That took one hour! Damnit I really need to sleep.


And hence, I tend to be able to complete games during the holidays only. So I love to make full use of it.

You know what, I blame it on everything except me (although I'm blaming it mainly on laziness, does that count as "me" or another entity entirely? haha). And to compensate for the lack of the long, lovely holiday post, here's a picture of the pyramids - I TOOK IT WITH MY OWN CAMERA. SRSLY.

Whee, the pyramids of Giza!

Anyway to sum up the trip: very very interesting, loved the history even though I wasn't a history buff at all, hot down south around Luxor, not a place to go for fun but rather more for experience. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the trip, but it's not exactly the place to go for kids, or if you're looking for someplace to unwind and have spas... or maybe go to amusement parks and shop and things like that. The culture is rich and so different and the ancient civlisations are amazing though.

So I'm taking up a month's job at my cousin's firm at the moment. Growing sideways, trying to stop eating and complaining about being fat but still refuses to go exercise. And apparently losing a bit of my sanity - judging from the way I wrote this post, haha.